Tuesday, July 12, 2011


thunderstorms explode up
rising from the earth
as marching acts of God
lined across the horizon
erasing the sun
dissolving the skyline
with falling water,
flashing lightning and
the freight-train sound
of the tornado screaming
down rural streets
yanking trees out
by the roots
rearranging the front lawn
into the kitchen.
above the howl of warning
horns mimicking the
sound of a terrified
child on a amusement
park ride,
that funnel keeps
spinning and touches
each life forever
and while all God's
people scrambled for
safety and pray for
God to spare them.
i'm rubbing my hands
thinking this
is all wonderful,
but what's my backdrop?
is the camera getting me
before i check my light
and makeup and lead-in
time wondering as
i read the copy if
the hotel has a bar.


1 comment:

  1. You know I have a thing, a lustful reverence, for weather so particularly love the details. The cynical ending is a great contrast to the beauty of weather and real-life impacts of it.