Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip Me

i stumbled hard yesterday
crashing as my hand
found the drawer in the house
holding my relief in
the guise of a white pill.
long before but
under a different
a doctor
told me at 16
if you don't stop
you'll be dead by 20
so i changed from Vicks and Crown
to Vicodin and Goose,
and with luck
my new stabilizing-solution
solved the
equation if only
temporary, but avoiding
the problem itself
instead appearing suddenly
again, to ask why
i continue to
slip and let myself
do nothing but
find more excuses
as my
intestines rot
and lose their
ability to control themselves,
much like their owner
whose means
grew along with his needs
he crashed on the ice,
cracking his
skull and with forced intervention
imprinting a desire
to control his passion.
until yesterday.
when for no real reason
i was left
like a toddler without an excuse
of why i did it.
i just knew that i did
and wished that
someone had tripped me
instead of
me falling on my own.



  1. nice...vivid at points...and the end has a deft touch to it...

  2. Damn, that realization. Wonderful job putting that pause to words.