Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Walk Away and Remember

How can you say i walked away
when you just stopped walking?

Side by side. Together. Remember?

Maybe it doesn't seem so now. As it
seems you've forgotten how we

found each other in that cold winter.

On that bad bed in that fucking cold room
as i was drinking myself to hell,

for reasons i could never explain.

still you found comfort in that drunk
and that bed, keeping warm flesh to flesh

as i scribbled words between sessions

as you slept soundly next to me,
so afraid to be alone,

but you always seem to focus on

that i had to escape in that hot spring.
Tired of sleeping on that floor. Still drinking

and in need for a way to get out. Be more.

So i replaced you with another place,
time and yes, happiness, while you

remained where you were. Lost.

But, fuck, anytime you want to have a
drink and talk about it. Call me.

i'll be there. Misery loves company.

Especially when it's worse than its own.
Especially when it comes from the source.

Especially when it can get up,

pointing fingers that probe into
two lost lovers broken souls,

touching us as a distraction

only to then allow us to sneak out,
walk away, while trying not to remember.


1 comment:

  1. Every word I try to pin down to describe my feeling right now, falls short. I'm silenced.