Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Corner Office in Hell

A friend died.
She was beautiful
with hair long like
yours used to be, mother.
She was like you. Lost. Misled.
Forgotten. Confused. So was i.

i found my way.
My will pushed me
through. You both died
the same year. On the same
day - the first. As much sadness
i feel, i feel more anger. Because

i could have chosen
to be weak. Like the both
of you. But i kept fighting.
Even through the bad times. Like
the messages on the phone that you
both were dead while i kept going. If

you think in hell
i'm going to hug and
forgive you. wrong. i've
been angry a long fucking time
so don't think the suffering of hell
is going to change it. My suite is on

the executive floor
there, and this mother-
fucker will be sitting in
that corner office waiting
to fuck you both up for eternity.



  1. Oooh, I love how the writer's voice got more resolved and bitter by the end--and I, the reader, feel it's completely justified. ~em

  2. Builds slowly then ka-pow, a strong finish.