Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Favorite Mistress

hello, Misery
have you come to fuck me
my mistress
my roughest lover

hello, Misery
reveal yourself slowly
peel back those stockings
undo that blouse
expose my weakness
fuck me again

hello, Misery
let me taste your deceit
let me burn in your lies
let me die by your hand
let me know my favorite sin
let me - fuck me

hello, Misery
your skin cracks mine
inside a cold chill
spreads from my mistress
to me
my favorite last moment

one last touch
one last fuck
one last mistress
until I scream her name

i am yours, Misery



  1. I never have understood why "fuck me" is used in this negative way. "Rape me," or "slay me," perhaps, but isn't "fuck me" kinda like saying bake me cake?

    Its kinda like calling a man a pussy. What you are really saying is, you are the one thing I like best in the whole world. Not really much of an insult if you think about it.

    :) Kidding aside, I actually really liked this. It was quite jarring.

  2. So sneering. I like the images, the build, in the last two full stanzas. Well-crafted.