Friday, May 27, 2011

Living Through Destruction

we sit on a roof top watching
the clouds coat the top
of the world and give notice
of the storm heading our way.

the beach below is showing
signs of life and i wonder
why we need to run. do the
creatures of the sea run?

don't the birds stay
in their trees? i watch the
blue clearwater ripple with
life as the tourists take

their tee shirts, sea shells,
and fried skins to flee back
to where they come from.
While we sit on the roof

as the winds rise up and the
bay water tips off white,
and in the distance the gray
and black blend, and the fury

that is coming to life out
there is so mesmerizing and
enticing that not even women
hold this gaze from me as long,

but much like a woman it keeps
me waiting. Waiting until she is
ready to come ashore and show me
nature’s way of

living through destruction
and tearing me apart under the
sheet of the night.



  1. It wasn't too long ago the tsunami horns roared all night. In the morning I rose wondering if I should have gotten up and gone somewhere higher.

  2. I am near-obsessively enthralled with weather, storms. Find the turmoil awakens great creativity. I'd've sat right there next to you.