Friday, May 27, 2011

My Creations

My creative spurts come at odd times,
moments of premature poetic
if you will.

At the bar surrounded by drunks while
scrawling on cocktail napkins. On a
packed in a coach seat

surrounded by angry late passengers
dreaming of traveling in first
while i scribble on

the back of a barf-bag. In a public
restroom next to a man sitting on the
praying to God that

he'll never eat spicy food again,
while i etch graffiti on the stall
in front of me.

During sex as she screams out my name,
her name, and her lovers name, while i
my thoughts across her

lower back. It seems my creations and
moments of inspiration are disposable
of genius, captured by

a mental condom, or the uneasy droning’s
of a very sick man.



  1. haha this is brilliant...smiles. at least you have a condom to catch them so they dont just spill to the floor...the toilet one made me guffaw...

  2. I have a hope that in the here-after there are scribes catching the bits of lost poetry and novella that we lose to dead batteries and Windex. I hope I'm right, for surely the phrases raked across your lover's back should be immortalized.

  3. Oh, so many thought lost in random locations and inopportune moments. scribblings on a napkin...very nice sentiment. ;)

  4. the freedom of your poetry, the explicit imagery and vivid reality, our sensual being the most meaningful and profound part of our existence and yet it has to be hidden away behind walls of closed are a brilliant writer who is not afraid to realize the pure eternity offered you when you don't place limitations on yourself...a poet who steps through a blank canvas and knows no boundaries and your imagery simply blows me away...and then some...your honesty combined with your analogies, and how you just come out and say it...from now on i will read all barf bags hoping to find your scribbling on the back...a great write...


  5. OMG! This has got to be the funniest thing I've read in a while!
    Images are so had me cracking up!

    Excellent read! Am glad I stopped here.

  6. hahahahaha oh the images this brings to mind
    Some I wish I could erase or not
    But the condom at least protects from disease
    And slipping one past the goalie as you please
    So have to take comfort in that
    Remember not to do anything on a dirty mat

  7. I have similar piles of scratched-on scraps. And the brilliant words that escape me hide in rows of unmarked graves.