Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Changing Man

Someday this construction
will end and the project
that controls me will complete,
after i admit my
drinking problem and pray

for forgiveness from my body
that wakes each time shuttering
in a illness and destroying
what i try to restore, and i'll
admit that i like to pick

up questionable women and do
even more questionable things
to them and tear them down as
best i can like a human
earthquake trying to expose

their soul as much as i try
to reconstruct my own if for
nothing more than to stop all
the questions and advances
and offerings

of salvation in answers that
i know the speaker can't make,
but like any good contractor
will be coming back for yet
another check

because they underestimated
the expense like i've underestimated
how long it was going to take
to rebuild again as i open
another drink

and order her to undress
and crawl on the floor to me.



  1. I like how you wove construction through this.

  2. I read this very slowly, deliberately, seriously. Felt it was written in a strong script through clenched teeth.