Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Escorts At The Bar

Two curvy young Puerto Rican escorts
asked if i wanted a good time
while i was at the hotel bar.

i want to ask what they think
is a good time.
if they think their lives
are a good time.
if that's what they tell their
families they do for a living.

selling good times,
but i simply shake my head
and they move on to
the next sucker.

it takes three hits,
but finally they get a bite
and two hours later
i pass them as they
get off the elevator.

laughing about the guys
small dick.
love is cruel.
especially when it costs.



  1. ha! that's some kinda love alright...

    nice piece

  2. ha aint that the truth...and coulda been you but...and he may remember it when he is at the doctor in a couple weeks...

  3. If you pay for sex you can't exactly expect respect, now can you?

  4. Well. This would, could, should be a deterrent!

  5. Guess you can put a price on disease. Not worth it what so ever and yeah fully agree with the good time remark.